Engage E-Series Shin Guards Gold


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Whether you are a trainer, pro MMA athlete or a beginner shin guards are essential in any MMA gym or when competing at the amateur and pro level. The Engage Shin Guards provide the necessary protection by reducing the risk of serious injuries for both you and the opponent.

These guards are constructed using a strong synthetic leather blend, providing long lasting durability and functionality.

Engage shin guards have undergone rigorous research and development to create a unique, form-fitting product designed to offer maximum protection, whilst conforming to the wearers legs, with minimal bulk and a custom fit, aligned more naturally with the wearer’s shin.

Rounded corners, with velcro extended to the edge to hold down the strap, leaving no sharp edges. Printed, flat logos and decals, with no woven labels with sharp exposed corners.

Engage Fight Gear is constructed with Moisture Protect Lining, designed to pull moisture away from your skin to help to kill germs and bacteria caused by sweat, and prolong the freshness and life of your gloves to maintain comfort and security.

These shin guards do not restrict the foot range of motion, instead the unique construction offers superior foot and shin protection whilst allowing and promoting natural foot movement.

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Dimensions 50 × 20 × 20 cm

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