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“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Francis of Assisi

Our Vision

To provide our members with the opportunity to learn and practice Martial Arts in a Safe, Respectful and Highly Professional Environment. Whether you’re an experienced Combat Sports Athlete or a Complete Beginner unsure of where to start your journey.

We have your back. Your journey has now become our journey!

What is it like to be a member of Mandurah Combat Sports Academy?

The moment you walk through our doors you will know you have made the right choice, and be greeted with a level of professionalism that is totally unique within the martial arts industry.

We aspire for MCSA to be everything our members need it to be, no matter where you are in life. Whether you aspire to be UFC Champion of the World, wanting to learn how to build confidence through self-defence or to find a safe and welcoming community and simply get healthy and connect with people at the same time, MCSA is right there with you. You will be exposed to people from many different environments that all share a common passion and respect for three things, Martial Arts, Our Academy and most importantly each other.

Our Coaches

At MCSA you can look forward to learning from one of the most versatile and experienced coaching line ups in not only Western Australia but in the world.

Our coaching staff consists of Professional Mixed Martial Artists, BJJ Black Belts, Kickboxing World Champions, and Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coaches. Not only are our coaches highly experienced and battle tested, they also have a passion, not just for teaching, but also for constant self-reflection and improvement. We don’t just teach you; we grow with you; evolve with you; suffer with you and celebrate with you.

Our Academy

Our members can look forward to training at one of the most impressive and professional combat sports facilities in the world. With an absolute stacked timetable there is something for everyone, no matter what day of the week. Members at MCSA also receive 24 hour access, Full use of Sauna and Ice Bath facilities, Access to our Members Online Training Portal. All of which comes with No Lock in Contracts or hidden fees.

Our Beautiful Academy is hard to miss. Conveniently situated on Gordon Road Mandurah, “The Big Blue Building” as it has become known has plenty of parking at all hours and includes:

  • Raised Octagon
  • 50mm custom Dollamur mats
  • 26 meters of custom Dollamur wall mats for wall work
  • Boxing Bag Area
  • Weights and Conditioning Area
  • Recovery Area with Sauna and Ice Bath
  • After hours access with 24/7 Access Door for members
  • Shower and Toilet Facilities
  • Airconditioning
  • Members Coffee Machine with our very own blend of Locally Roasted beans by Mandurah’s Finest Coffee Roasters, Frothin Coffee

What Makes Us Different?

At MCSA we not only provide you with an elite and professional facility, we also ensure you are learning from the very best that Western Australia has to offer. Our coaching staff consists of many former and current professional combat sports athletes, including multiple national and international level competitors and world champions.

We provide our coaches with the very best conditions to work under, many of our staff travel from as far as Perth and this ensures our collective quality of coaches is ALWAYS unmatched in the Peel region.